Thursday, June 21, 2001

Haven't post anything recent so now I'm going to.

Love and fate can be cruel. Infact I think they are very cruel.
I'm not picky about looks, I'm just picky about the inside...the personality of a person.
I don’t hope for some gorgeous guy to love me but it would be nice to have a gorgeous guy to love me. Anyway, I just hope for a normal average looking guy to love me. This normal look guy would at least be taller than me by 15+ centimetres (I'm 160cm tall), can’t have his hipbone sticking out…too thin (I just feel bad when I'm with really really skinny guys...looks bad for us to be together but I can accept that if I really love him), nice hair (love it when guys keep it looking good or at least presentable) and that probably covers the minimum requirements for looks.

Well what I look in a guy is a sense of humour (talks about things, can have topics that are interesting or at least good, I like to talk to the person I love, not look at them all day), caring and helping attitude (as in “likes to help out”),compassionate about what they do, witty (not really necessary but best if they are as witty as me), has hope in what they do…(but that comes later in life but it would be good if they have that hope now) again that covers the minimum requirements.

Although my requirements are easy to meet but there is one more category to be added.

Issues, things to have and not have:

Must have:

Good use of language (I do swear as well…I’m pretty good at it but when I want to be with someone I love…I don’t want to use that kind of language, it’s a bit off putting. Best if the guy has some good vocabulary to use.)
Must have a future…at least it lets me know this is going to last a while.
Communication… (please, this is something that I don’t want…what is a relationship if there is no communication between the two)

Must not have:

Smoking (I don’t like guys who smoke even though I find the guys who smoke in the movies cool, which is another matter).
Has no future (ok, we’re young now…got no career yet but that’s not the point…I mean future as in motivation to get one. I think long term with this category).

Ok, that is a bit long and lengthy but it makes my points clear and simple…

Well…love is blind, love can be good and bad but in the end you’re happy either way.

Anyways, my point of this poting is to say...
"Shit someone finally asked me out, and he is there is a major downside to my story."
The major disappointment to my story is that the guy smokes cigarettes and marijuana (weed), academic achievements…close to nothing…fail...
All that implies to me is..."why is fate so cruel" and "god, what a bad combination for me".

Sigh...why does a stranger like to confront me with the question "would you be with me?" and someone that you already know and love doesn't.

Monday, May 21, 2001

You’re here because I probably wanted you to read this or you, on your own free will wanted to check this page out. Well either way you will see an in depth review of my life.

I was born on the 3rd of April 1985, in a city called Cairns located in far north Queensland of Australia. (You’d think that growing up there in the tropic would be nice and peaceful and filled with fun…I’m telling you to think again about that assumption) I lived there for 12 years and out of those 12 year I didn’t enjoy a single day of those 12 years.

I've moved to Brisbane now, and I've been there in the past 2 and a half years, life had its ups and downs in that period of time; mostly just downs at the beginning and now my life is improving a lot, although my marks for school dropped 2 grades since then...but I'm working on them now...I hope to do well in the next semester.

Written in a neutral mood.